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Helping you grow your business with quality visuals.


Cold Box Films began due to one problem: we couldn't find a single visual content company that produced high-quality videos, photos, or graphics that small businesses could afford. So, we set out to change that.

Visual content enables your company to express itself in a unique, personable, and engaging way. We love what we do because we know that this creative content will help you grow your brand, further your mission, and position you to serve your customers better. And the bottom line? We think you should look good while you’re kicking butt and taking names.

We are visual content geeks - we’re storytellers, we’re creatives, and we know how to help you engage your audience. While we always think outside of the box, nothing is done on a whim. Our work is planned, it’s meticulous, and most importantly, it will help you grow your business.

You’ve got a story to tell, let us capture it for you.





Tony Willis - 

"Our experience with Cold Box Films was nothing short of amazing. The level of detail and professionalism they brought to the project was beyond our expectation. We appreciate their friendly staff and prompt approach. We’ll definitely be using their services again."

Amanda Washburn - Rough Draft Solutions

"There are dozens of reasons I choose Cold Box Films (CBF) as my videographer. First and foremost, I love the final product they produce! The videos are professional, engaging, and creative! They use top-notch equipment, have endless creative ideas, and know how to make it all come together. If you're looking for a videographer to bring your ideas to fruition, make you look good on camera, and keep you calm during the filming process, Cold Box Films is the best choice."

Mark Geovjian - Melting Moments

"I’ve really enjoyed working with them over the past few years.  They make it very easy to navigate the cyber territory that is not that familiar to me.  I’ve entrusted that part of my business to them with complete confidence.  I anxiously await what they will come up with next and highly recommend them to anyone looking for video production, website design and beyond."

Who we are

Cooper Spaulding - Owner

Role: Taking your vision from pre to post production and everything in between. 

Who I am: I spend my nights reading manuals and researching technical things not a ton of people care about. 

Coffee of Choice: Creamy Cappuccino.


Tracey Spaulding - Creative Strategist

Role:  Developing your ideas into a polished reality with a few creative twists along the way. 

Who I am: Caffeine addict, creative, and maker all to-do lists! 

Coffee of Choice: Cafe Au Lait with a sprinkle of honey and cinnamon, please!

Cody Seelye - Designer

Role: Giving your company a bit of personality with graphics made by hand and clicks. 

Who I Am: I'm all about spending time with my wife; browsing old book stores and antique stores, going on hikes and bike rides, and crafting beautiful things. 

Coffee Of Choice: Black. As it was intended.


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