Recent Feature: Our Guest Spot on The Millennial Mindset Podcast

This past week, Cooper and Tracey were invited to be on the Michigan Business Network's "Millennial Mindset" Podcast with Jeffrey MacCowan where they chat about their entrepreneurial journey and the advice they would give to other young creatives in the industry. Tune in to listen to their segment! 

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Simple Changes that Will Significantly Improve Your Website Copy with Sarah Spencer

Having well-written copy on your website is key to communicating your message, expressing your brand, and ultimately turning browsers into buyers, but it’s an area many businesses struggle with.

We recently sat down with copywriting and content strategy wizard, Sarah Spencer of Written House to talk about practical changes you need to make to your copy that will make a dramatic difference!

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How to Dramatically Improve Your Next Live Video

Can we take a wild guess as to why your business has yet to hop on the live video bandwagon? You’re afraid of looking unprofessional. Which is exactly why we created Cold Box Live, a new service that is changing the way you live broadcast on platforms like Facebook and YouTube for the better!

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Tracey Spaulding
The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make During a Growth Spurt with Tom Hamp

Seasons of growth can be a chaotic time for top-level management. Your customer base is expanding, you’re hiring employees, and you’re trying to navigate new opportunities all while making sure you’re steering your company in the right direction.

We recently sat down with business coach, Tom Hamp of AdviCoach of Mid-Michigan to talk about the biggest mistakes companies often make during a growth spurt and how you can apply better practices to avoid them.

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The Most Critical Thing Missing from Your Video

There are several elements that make up a quality video: great lighting, clear audio, a thoughtful script, spot-on focus, and a solid performance from those onscreen. And while these are absolutely essential, they don’t include one of the most important elements of all… a call-to-action.

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Lies You’re Believing that are Actually Hurting Your Social Media Strategy with Katie Saglimbene

Social media marketing is an essential tool for businesses to leverage in the internet age. But are you actually be believing some false truths that are holding you back from becoming truly successful?

We recently sat down with Katie Saglimbene, the president of Elevate Marketing Company to discuss the lies businesses believe that ultimately hurt their social strategy and how to better maximize the benefits of social media marketing for your company.

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