4 Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Business

Video is one of the most effective types of visual content out there, but how should you be using it for your business? While you may think of video as being strictly promotional, there are several ways in which you can use it to help your business function better while fostering steady growth.

Here are 4 creative ways to use video in your business.

Produce content that you can incorporate into your everyday business process

Growing a successful business means implementing systems and processes that help you complete everyday tasks more efficiently. - Video can help with this!

For example, you know that one question almost every one of your customers emails you about? Instead of spending the next 10 minutes crafting a response, create a short video that answers it and provide a link within your email instead.

Other ideas for a service based business:

  • Welcome video: welcome new clients and let them know what to expect during their project.
  • How-to video(s): show clients how to perform a task related to your client process (like, “How to turn on ‘suggesting’ mode in google docs or “How to access your photos within DropBox.”)
  • Thank you video: thank clients for doing business with you and instruct them on how to leave a review. 
  • Short introductory video(s): introduce each member of your team with a brief introductory video.

Other ideas for a product based business:

  • Product How-to video: show customers the proper way to use your product.
  • Alternative use video: show customers alternative uses for your product.
  • How-to video(s): provide customers with simple instructions on how to perform a desired task (like how to leave a review, sign up for your email list, make a return, etc.)

The key to success:

Start using video to make your life easier and your customer experience better. You’ll heighten the value of your product while making your work process more efficient. Win-win!

Film customer testimonials to give your products/services a boost in credibility

Testimonials are powerful for two reasons (as this article points out):

  1. Overcoming objectification - When a customer sees your product/service and thinks, “great, but it probably won’t work for me because I’m (insert any unique trait or condition here).”
  2. Social proof - the social phenomenon that says when we see lots of people doing something, we assume that that’s the correct behavior.

In other words, testimonials say look, this actually works for real people just like you! Giving you the extra boost in credibility you need to seal the deal.

The key to success:

Ditch the script. While we understand you want these videos to be perfect, the point is to make them believable and if your subjects sounds too polished, you’ll lose the authenticity factor quickly. Instead, ask them specific questions they can respond to. You’ll be able to hit on all the points you’d like while your subjects responses sound genuine.

Start a video blog

Video blogging allows you to offer tips and how-to’s that engage your audience and establish your expertise by answering common industry questions. In addition, their more casual style lets you showcase more of your personality while the quality of your content remains polished and professional. -Allowing you to make an authentic connection without sacrificing your credibility.

They’re also a great opportunity for you to maximize your existing content by repurposing your old blog posts into video blogs. You won’t be faced with having to reinvent new content and you’ll be able to continue to benefit from your existing archive of posts.

The key to success:

Video Blogs do best when they are short and sweet (2 minutes or less). Add upbeat music and custom graphics to keep your audience alert and engaged with your content. Try using a format similar to this one.

Use Facebook live, Snapchat, or Instagram stories for real-time updates, behind-the-scenes, or event coverage

While we will forever preach the importance of top-notch quality when it comes to your video content, Facebook live, Snapchat and Instagram stories are a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a more casual basis like providing real-time updates, behind-the-scenes look, or event coverage.

Their real-time context showcases a side of your business your customers want to see (the side that’s real, raw, honest, and unscripted), allowing you to have fun and showcase your personality without the pressure of looking perfect.

The key to success:

Don’t overthink it. Yes, pushing that “go live” button can be scary, but no one is expecting you to be perfect (seriously, no one). In fact, didn’t we just say that was the whole point, to NOT be perfect!? Take a deep breath and go for it. We promise it will feel less and less awkward the more you do.


Has your business found creative ways to use video? Tell us which idea intrigued you most and how your business is using video in the comments below!

Start creating and begin growing

Video can help you position yourself as an industry leader, grow a meaningful following, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Use any of these ideas, brainstorm more, and start your video project here.

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