Brand Development + Website Design + Photography + Video for Retro Recreations

Brand Development, Website Design, Photography, and Video for Retro Recreations. By Cold Box Films

If there was ever a time to throw your hands in the air and bust into an epic happy dance, the official launch of the Retro Recreations website would be a perfectly appropriate moment.

It's been a long two years since Retro Recreations began their mission to bring that past back better. What started as a quiet conversation and mutual hobby between friends turned into a full-fledged business plan as the group sought to find better ways to solve present problems. The first? Finding a faster and more efficient way to knit I-cord. And, thus, the I-cord EZ Knitter was born.

Retro Recreations asked us to help them develop their existing brand identity and create an online storefront that was not only personable but also clean and easy to navigate. It was their goal to create a site that showcased their product, effectively communicated their brand, and made the purchasing process extremely simple.


The first item on our list was brand development. In this case, we had a few elements to work with; a logo and two primary brand colors: dark green and light tan. A good start, but we needed more.

We began by drawing inspiration through imagery. As a team we currated photos that represented the Retro Recreations brand, which then helped drive the vision for all other avenues of their brand development. From there we finalized their color scheme, created custom graphics, and chose header and body fonts.

This was the finalized brand board we developed:

Brand Board for Retro Recreations Developed by Cold Box FIlms

Visual Storytelling

From there we shot and produced a product demonstration video:


An "About Us" video (which will eventually be used for their upcoming crowd funding campaign):


We also photographed product images that would be used on their webiste, social media, and a variety of marketing content.


Developing a webiste

All prior efforts came together when building their online storefront.

Do you want to know the funny thing about this process? You begin with a blank slate, and we won't kid you, there's a brief moment in every web developers mind (big or small) when we look at this blank slate and think, "How on earth am I going to turn this into something?"

The answer? One click after another.

Slowly but surely their website came alive and with a few finishing touches (creating extra space here and adjusting image sizes there) it was a living and breathing corner of the internet.

Life After Launching

Since their launch, Retro Recreations has sold multiple I-cord EZ Knitters across the United States. They even received their first international order from Belgium just a week ago! Whaaaaat? How exciting!

As the group enjoys their new website, they are looking to forward bigger projects in the future including the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help defray various start-up costs and reach the next level of success. Talk about bringing the past back better!

Working with Retro Recreations was an enjoyable experience that we are grateful to have been apart of. To learn more about their company visit their website and check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with their upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

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