Four Ways to Maximize Your Video Content

There’s a significant amount of time and energy that goes into creating quality videos. Instead of letting them sit dormant on your website, here are four ways you can ensure you get the MOST out of your visual content.


Understand how to share on social platforms.

While you want to share your videos on social media, it’s important to understand the strategy behind doing so. Like, should you upload the video directly or link it to YouTube? While some social media platforms reward you for uploading your video directly, others can be fairly limiting, making you much better off providing a YouTube link instead.

For example, Facebook favors its own video content. So videos that are uploaded directly to the site tend to see higher levels of views and engagement versus those linked to YouTube or Vimeo. However, Twitter only allows videos up to a certain size (512MB) and time length (30 seconds). So if your video doesn’t fit that criterion, you’re much better off providing a link instead.

In short, YES you should share your video content on social media, but make sure you understand each platform before posting.

Use your video for promotion and education.

It’s easy to think of your videos as being strictly promotional. However, your videos can also be an excellent way to educate and inform your audience.

For example, if you have a video that answers a question your customers frequently ask, save yourself a lengthy email and direct them to your video instead.

Videos are an excellent way to provide value to your desired market, so start seeing them as both a tool to promote your business AND educate your audience.

Repurpose your content.

There are several different ways to repurpose your videos into other forms of quality content. Use the content from your video and transform it into a:

- Blog post (like we are doing right now!) ;)
- Infographic
- Series of social media posts
- Email blast
- Shortened video (15-30 seconds)

There’s a dual benefit that comes with repurposing your content.

  1. You can generate several pieces of content from one original piece.
  2. You ensure your content is seen on a multitude of platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, your website, etc.)

This concept applies to all content, learn more about how to repurpose your old blog posts here.

Incorporate video into your business process.

Let video become a part of how you do business. For example, prior to a client’s scheduled shoot date, we will send them a few videos full of tips (how to avoid being awkward on camera) to help them prepare and ease into their shoot.

If we are also meeting a potential client for the first time, we like to send them our video reel to help them get a better idea of our work. You could be doing the same sort of thing if you already have an “about us” video that details who you are as a company and what you do.

Finding ways to incorporate your existing videos into your business process will not only establish you as an industry leader, but it will help you discover refreshing new ways of doing things.

The best way to maximize your video content is to produce videos that provide value to your customers.

While you may be super focused on promoting your business, the best way to maximize your videos is to focus on value-driven content. Answer your customer's questions! Create content that appeals to their wants and needs! Establish yourself as that industry expert and the promotion of your business will happen by default.

Are you ready?

We get it; you’re tired of creating content that does little to further your business. Quit wasting your time and money and let’s create a meaningful video that will help you reach your goals!