How To Repost A Video On Facebook Without Re-uploading It


One of the best ways to extend the shelf-life of your content is to re-share it. In today’s #QuickTip, we’re walking you through you how to repost a video to your business Facebook page without having to re-upload it.

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Step 1: Head straight to your business Facebook page

When you log into Facebook, the first thing you’ll do is head straight to the Facebook page you originally uploaded and posted your video to.

Step 2: Click on the “videos” tab

When you get to your page, select the “videos” tab which will be located either on the left or right-hand side of your page (depending on how you set it up within your page settings).

Step 3: Scroll down to select the “video library” button

Then, scroll past your featured video and playlists and click on the “video library” button which is located on the right-hand side of your “all videos” category.

Step 4: Click on the video you’d like to repost

Next, scroll down the list of videos and locate the one you’d like to re-post. Then, click on it to pull up a new pop-up window.

Tip: DO NOT click on the “edit video” tab that appears when you hover over your video. This will not pull up the pop-up window you need to repost your video. Instead, make sure you click on the video itself either on the thumbnail image or the empty space in between.

Step 5: Select the “create post with video” tab within the new pop-up window

On the lower right-hand side of this new pop-up window, you will see a tab that says “create post with video.” Click on this button to pull up a new pop-up window in which you will then create a brand new post for this video.

Step 6: Write a new caption and publish/schedule your new post

Within the new pop-up window, you will see your old caption from your previous post displayed. Highlight and delete this caption and replace it with a new one.

Tip: Do not repost your video with its old caption. It’s always important to freshen up your message, especially when you’re recycling content. Remember that while this content is aimed at reaching those who have not seen it before, there is a chance that others already have. Keeping your message re-establishes your content’s relevance and keeps users engaged.

Next, you can either choose to publish your content now or schedule it to be published later (which is typically out preferred option so we ensure our content goes live at a time when our users are most active).

Here’s the real bonus in all of this

So why do we favor re-posting versus reuploading? Reposting an existing video versus reuploading it allows that video to continue to accumulate likes, comments, and views, giving it a stronger presence on your page.

For example, the first time we published our video blog “Four Ways to Maximize Your Video Content” it received 543 views. When we re-posted it 6 months later, it received another 814 views giving it a total view count of 1,357 views.

This icon in Facebook's analytics tell you how many posts have been created from a video.

This icon in Facebook's analytics tell you how many posts have been created from a video.

Facebook will even break down these stats for you within your video’s analytics. Kind of awesome, huh? :)

Facebook's analytics will also break down how many views each post accumulated.

Facebook's analytics will also break down how many views each post accumulated.

We’re alllll about repurposing content

Reposting your video to Facebook is a fantastic way to capitalize on the rich content you already have on your Facebook page.

We hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! What #QuickTip, hack, or tutorial would you like to see next? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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