How to Dramatically Improve Your Next Live Video

How to Dramatically Improve Your Next Live Video

It’s no secret that live video is a content game-changer. Since its official introduction to major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, the popularity and power of live broadcasting has continued to grow (and it’s not stopping anytime soon).

Can we take a wild guess as to why your business has yet to hop on the live video bandwagon? You’re afraid of looking unprofessional.

We get it, trying to maneuver a selfie-stick or balancing your smartphone on a stack of books (only to have it fall mid-broadcast) isn’t a terrific way of doing things. In fact, the quality of some DIY broadcasts can be downright cringe-worthy with poor audio and a blurry image.

We’ve always said that the quality of your content is a direct reflection of the quality of your work. Shaky, noisy, or blurry live videos are not a great representation of your brand or the quality of the products/services you provide.

Which is exactly why we created Cold Box Live.

Introducing: Cold Box Live

Cold Box Live is a professional live streaming service that is changing the way you live broadcast for the better!

Now, you can livestream on Facebook, YouTube, and other major platforms utilizing:

  • Professional production equipment
  • Clear audio
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Custom graphics (like nameplates, logos, and more).
  • An actual person to set up, monitor, and hit record.

Yes, it’s awesome! And yes, it looks ridiculously professional!

Watch our video to see how it works:

We haven't even told you the best part.

This is where things get extra-good for those of you who like to make the most out of your content.

Once your live stream is over, we provide you with the full 1080p video file to keep and distribute as you please!

You heard that right! Upload your video to YouTube, incorporate it into an email campaign, repurpose it into a blog! This file is 100% yours do with it as you wish. And we deliver it as soon as your live stream is over.

Did we also mention it’s really affordable?

With packages starting at $175, Cold Box Live is an extremely budget-friendly way to create high-quality video content for your business. Learn more about our pricing and package options here.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: What should I LIVE broadcast?

Cold Box Live is the perfect way to professionally broadcast events such as concerts, ribbon cuttings, sports games, conferences (especially if you’re planning to sell digital tickets), interviews, speaking engagements, and so much more!

Q: Will I need internet connection?

The quality of your live broadcast is dependent on the strength of your internet connection, so the faster the better! However, if access to quality WiFi is an issue, you can still stream using 4G LTE Data (provided by us) without any hiccups and just as much quality (if not better).

Q: Can you switch between camera angles in real-time?

Yes! Cold Box Live can run multiple camera angles and switch between them WHILE you are live. Pretty neat, right?

Q: Will you set up the live stream for me?

Yes! You no longer have to spend 15-minutes trying to balance your smartphone against a stack of books (only to have it fall in the middle of your live video).

We set up and tear down all of our professional production equipment and monitor your entire live stream for you!

Q: Can you broadcast an outdoor event?

Cold Box Live is 100% mobile, making it a perfect option for broadcasting outdoor events without pesky cords getting in the way.

Ready to go live?

We’d love to help you transform the way you live broadcast for the better! To book your session and get a FREE price estimate, head over and fill out this form.

Have questions and want to learn more? Head over to this page to learn more about this new service.


Tracey Spaulding