How to Repurpose Your Content The Right Way


There’s no sense in spending all of your time and energy into creating quality content that has a limited shelf life, but what’s considered OK and not NOT OK when it comes to maximizing your content?

In our latest #QuickTips video, we’re uncovering the truths and untruths of repurposing your content.


True or False?

Sharing the same blog post more than once will turn users off.

False. It’s perfectly OK to dip into your archive and reshare your old blog posts. In fact, we encourage it!  

Resharing your old posts allows you to combat confusing algorithms by reaching users who may not have seen it the first time around. The trick? Pair old your old content with a new message so it remains fresh and relevant.

True or False?

You should only repurpose and reshare content that is still relevant.

True. There’s no use in resharing something your audience can’t relate to or won’t care about.

So when it comes to resharing and repurposing your content, stick to topics that are timeless and relevant.  After all, you still to be engaging and provide value.

True or False?

There’s a limit to the number of ways you can repurpose your content.

Mmmmm not exactly. In fact, your only limitation is your own creativity. Yeah, yeah, that was completely cheesy. But it’s also true!

The best advice I ever received from another business owner was to take one piece of content and find ten ways to repurpose and reshare it.  

This blog post is a perfect example as we pulled the content from the video blog attached above. The process went a little like this: Video Blog > Blog Post > Social Media Post… are you getting the picture?

Again, it’s all about finding ways to tailor your message so it’s continually new and fresh.

True or False?

Any type of content is eligible for repurposing.

False. While repurposing your content is an effective way to streamline your content creation process, you can’t do so without intention. So be picky with your selection.

You only want to choose options that are rich in information like blog posts, videos, and infographics. If the content is too simple you won’t have enough information to pull from to create new content.

Again, the advantage of repurposing your content is to streamline your process, not create more work for yourself. So avoid doing things backwards. You’re much better going creating a social media post from a  blog post than a blog post from a social media post.

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