Mediocre Images are Killing Your Brand: Here's Why

Mediocre Images are Killing Your Brand: Here's Why

As a company who specializes in visual storytelling, we are probably more knit-picky than most when it comes to having stellar, high-quality images -- and you should be too! It’s important to understand the crucial role that images play in the clickability of our content and the expression of our brand. Lousy pictures that fail to resonate with your audience may be doing your marketing strategy more harm than good.

While this step in the content creation process tends to get overlooked, it’s time to buckle down and get serious about the quality control of your images. Investing in brand cohesive captivating photos will pay off huge in the long-run! Here’s why:

High-quality photos help boost your industry credibility.

Let’s face it; the internet is a fairly visually stimulating place nowadays. With so much content in circulation, users are capable of deciphering between companies who produce original, outstanding imagery and those who settle for mediocre stock photos. Publishing images or graphics that are blurry, pixelated, or dated back in the 90’s insinuate that you’re not as industry savvy.

It’s important to understand the power images play in the perception of your company. Businesses who are not willing to compromise on the quality of their product images, social media graphics, head shots, etc. will tend to be perceived as more credentialed than those who do.

Let’s say you’re buying a used car. Wouldn’t you tend to gravitate towards a listing that had good looking pictures versus another listing whose images were blurry and poorly taken? Of course! Humans are naturally attracted to things that look appealing and perceive them as higher quality. Your company photos work in the same fashion.

Mediocre Images are Killing Your Brand

People gravitate towards visuals they can relate to.

If you want your audience to engage with your content, you need to select a photo they can resonate with. Meticulously choosing images that relate to your target market goes a long way in establishing a strong emotional connection which will eventually lead them to click. In other words, cheesy stock images are simply not going to cut it.

This is why understanding your audience is key. It’s important to keep up with changes in trends in order to establish and maintain relevance amongst your following. They need to be able to see themselves in your photos as if they would have published something similar on their own social media profile. Integrate yourself within their feeds and give them a place to belong, not to be showered with boring pics.

Sticking to a cohesive look will help heighten your brand experience.

Imagery is the number one thing driving your brand experience. To refrain from conveying a confusing message, it’s important that your images are aesthetically cohesive. Users should be able to easily distinguish your content from someone else’s based on the consistency of its look. Curating a hodgepodge of photos and plastering them all over your website and Instagram feed isn’t doing much to increase brand awareness. In fact, it's distracting from it.

Decide on a particular look and stick with it, but make sure that look is an accurate depiction of your brand and resonates with the values and characteristics of your company. You can do this by limiting yourself to one or two filters, choosing similar backgrounds, or incorporating a similar design element throughout each of your images (colors, fonts, graphics, etc.).

Mediocre Images are Killing Your Brand

Images help catch the attention of users who suffer from content overload.

You can write the perfect blog post, but it does no good if you attach a lousy image. You need to give users a reason to stop and look at your content while scrolling through their newsfeeds and your picture is the best way for you to gain an edge.

The truth is, most of you will view this blog post and spend most of your time looking at the pictures rather than reading the content, and that’s because most of us are attracted to colorful visuals rather than big blocks of text. So If you want your audience to engage with your content, you need to satisfy their craving for captivating images that quickly grab their attention. When it comes to your pictures, it pays to be creative and unique.



How are you going to improve your imagery? You might cringe at the idea of having to plan and produce high-quality images, but we can certainly walk you through some simple changes that could make a big impact!

Let’s talk about how better imagery can help you increase engagement and reach your goals.


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