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So far, 2017 has been an incredibly exciting year for our team. We’ve had the opportunity to work on several diverse video projects that have challenged us to dig into our production process - strengthening our internal communication, sharpening our efficiency, and helping us find ways to serve our clients better.

For any business owner, jumping right into a video project can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you have little idea what to expect and you’re investing money into something that needs to feed your bottom line. So today we’re pulling back the curtain and giving you an insider's look at what you can expect when embarking on a video project with us including the process we use to take our clients from production to publication.

What we include in our video packages

If you’ve ever browsed through our portfolio, you’ll quickly notice that every project takes on its own unique style, tone, and format. However, the bones of our video packages (which we detail in our investment catalog) tend to remain the same.

Our video packages include:

  • Full Scripting
  • Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Detailed Screenplay
  • Location Scouting
  • Shooting Schedule
  • Pre-production Briefing (including preparation tips for filming)
  • High-end Production Equipment
  • Shooting Session
  • Onset Coaching    
  • Custom Animated Graphics
  • Detailed Color Grading
  • Detailed Editing
  • Video Feedback/Revision Period
  • A Recommended Upload and Distribution Strategy
  • Full Copyrights

In addition - we also recommend most clients to add custom thumbnails (which help them avoid the unflattering stills automatically generated by YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and closed captions to ensure their video attracts more views and is search engine optimized by Google.

Before the project begins

Once you sign on the dotted line, our team sends out a welcome email which includes your official project “start date.” To ensure we use our time together most effectively, we also include some homework that needs to be completed beforehand.

Homework tasks can vary from project to project, but generally, these include:

  • Completing your script creation questionnaire

    These are custom created for each client and include all of the information we need to begin building your script.
  • Uploading all of your branding elements (fonts, logos, colors, graphics, etc.) to your company’s assigned folder in Google Drive.

We like to snag these puppies right away to ensure our editors are not left looking at a fully edited video and saying to themselves, “Oh crud, we forgot to ask for their logo!” So it’s best to ask for these things right away.

Phase I: Strategize

We’re firm believers that you should never create content without a clear goal in mind. Our initial strategy session will help you identify your target audience, ideal distribution platforms, and craft a strong call-to-action to motivate viewers to take the next step.

Some of these questions are often answered during our initial discovery meeting and others are answered in your questionnaire.

The point of this phase is to ensure we fully understand the type of audience this video needs to resonate with, where the video will be distributed, and how to best inform viewers to take action in order to achieve the client’s initial goal.

We’re not afraid to check ourselves or switch things up around here. This phase of the project is our opportunity to ensure our team is creating the type of content that is going to BEST serve you, your audience, and your goals.

Phase II: Plan

We don’t take this phase of the production lightly because we believe that a great video is one that was planned for exceptionally well. Most people tend to believe that a video comes to life during filming or in the editing room, but the truth is, your entire video is carefully conceptualized in the writing room and brought to life in the screenplay.   

Tasks completed during this time include script writing, location scouting, auditioning talent, selecting props, crafting the official screenplay, pre-production briefing, and drafting an official shooting schedule so your people and our people know where to be and when during the shoot.

We know our clients desire to be informed and fully prepared for their shoot, so all scripts, screenplays, and shoot dates have your stamp of approval before we set foot on set.

Phase III: Produce                                    

Part 1 - The shoot

From set-up to tear-down, we carefully guide you through your shoot. This includes becoming your #1 cheerleader during filming (giving you all the tips and encouragement you need to feel confident onscreen), keeping the shoot on schedule, building sets, handling equipment, breaking out into random dance parties, you name it. Heck, we even bring donuts!

Being on set is truly a gift for our crew and while we have so much fun behind the camera we also work diligently to ensure every detail is tended to so your shoot runs smoothly and every shot looks perfect.

Every shoot concludes with the director shouting, “That’s a wrap” followed by a warm round of applause by the cast and crew. We understand that shoots require a lot of hard work from all parties, and this is our moment to celebrate a job well done.

Part 2 - The Edit

Once your shoot wraps, our team immediately heads to the editing room and begins putting everything together. We edit all of our videos using Final Cut Pro X.

Our editing process extends far beyond stitching together each clip in accordance to the screenplay. Each clip is custom color graded to create a specific that appeals to your brand. We also meticulously select the royalty free music to fit the mood/tone of your content. We also integrate custom branded graphics created using programs such as Motion 5. Finally, once our team has reviewed the first draft of your video and provided feedback, it is then passed along to you for revisions.

Phase IV: Publish                           

Once we have your feedback, we incorporate your changes and your final content will be published and shared with you via Google Drive to ensure you have access to the highest resolution files. From there, you can download and share your video on whichever platforms you choose.

We understand how excited our clients are about their content, so it’s our standard to deliver all final content within two weeks of your shoot date.

We also equip every client with an upload and distribution guide which provides step-by-step checklists and tons of tips so they know how to properly upload, distribute, and repurpose their content for maximum results on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so forth.

We’re dedicated to crafting a process that serves your unique needs.

Lately, we’ve been describing ourselves as a production company who is truly in love with the process of creating a video. - And we don’t just say that to blow smoke.

Our team is constantly finding ways to sharpen our production process so that our client’s experience with us is easy, enjoyable, and efficient - resulting in happy clients and well-produced videos.

Any questions? We're happy to help! Leave a comment below or contact us here.

We’d love to work with you!

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