The 4 Elements of Websites that Convert

The 4 Elements of Websites that Convert

Your website is the foundation of your business, but is yours converting customers the way you need it to? No matter who you are or what you’re selling, you are in a race against the clock. Your customers are not buying the best products out there, they are buying the ones they understand the fastest.

So if you want to convert viewers into buyers you need to clearly communicate what you offer, how it will benefit your customers, and what they need to do to buy it. And these 4 elements can help you do that.

A functional tagline

Your company tagline is a single sentence at the very top of your website that tells users what you offer. Too many times, companies ruin this opportunity by using poetic statements that look pretty, but don’t tell the viewer anything about what they do. So in the first three seconds of being on your site, they’re already confused.--And that’s not good.

Choose clarity over poetry. Instead of saying, “beauty matters,” say something like, “designing beautiful websites that convert your customers.” Immediately, in one sentence I know what you do and how it can benefit me.

Don’t sacrifice functionality for the sake of being pretty. You’re wasting precious time.

Quality visuals that make sense

We’ve spent a lot of time stressing the importance of having quality visuals on your website, social media, and other marketing materials, but we don’t talk enough about purpose and functionality.

The visuals on your website need to do two things:

  1. Look good.
  2. Enhance viewer comprehension and understanding.

And people tend to forget the second part. While your images need to look spectacular, they should also play a role in how your audience digests information of your products and services.

Let me put it this way, the human brain is constantly working to conserve calories. The more your customers have to think, the more calories they burn and the more frustrated they become. While clarity comes through copy, your images should aid in painting the entire picture so that the information clicks instantaneously.

For example, if you’re selling shoes DO NOT make your header image a picture of an epic mountain. Yes, it looks fabulous, but you’re not selling mountain real estate you’re selling shoes.

Instead, show me a picture of an individual benefiting from your product or service. Show me someone crossing the finish line of a 5K or a photo of your shoes next to a gym back. Again, it’s about bringing your copy and photos together in order to achieve clarity and understanding of your product.

Simplified copy that’s focused on your customers

There are a few common mistakes business owners make with their website copy.

  1. There’s way too much of it.
  2. They use a lot of technical jargon (assuming their customers understand).
  3. They focus on themselves rather than their customers.

Remember, the object of your website is to clearly communicate what you offer, how it will benefit your customer, and what they need to do to buy it. It’s NOT your opportunity to tell someone every little detail about your business. Frankly, they (most likely) don’t care.

Think of your website as a first date and instead:

  1. Focus on the MOST important information.
  2. Communicate your message in a way your customers can easily understand.
  3. Instead of making it about yourself, tailor your copy to make it about your customer. (So less, “we this” and “we that.” And more of “you this” and “you that.”)

Conversions happen when your customers understand what you’re selling and feel cared for.

A clear and obvious call-to-action

Finally, your website needs to clearly tell users what they need to do to take that next step (whether that means purchasing your product or scheduling a consultation). You can’t assume your customers will come to this conclusion on their own and you need to make this as obvious and simple as possible.

You can do this in two ways.

  1. Position your CTA (call-to-action) button in prime real estate areas such as the upper right corner of your website, the middle of your header, and other areas throughout your website that make sense.
  2. Use a consistent bright color such as light blue, green, or red to help your CTA button stand out amongst the rest of your content.

The key to turning users into buyers is giving them an actionable next step to do business with you. Otherwise, your website feels like a dead end and it won’t convert.


Your website may be gorgeous, but if it doesn’t include these four elements, it’s probably not helping you generate sales or meaningful leads.

Your design, copy, and visuals need to work together to achieve user understanding of what you offer, how it benefits them, and what they need to do to buy it. It’s that simple.

create a website you love and your customers understand. 

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