3 Ways to Make Your Videos More Effective

There’s nothing worse then putting in a lot of time and energy into a video that doesn’t perform well once it’s published. And while the success of your video has much to do with your distribution plan upon publication, there are elements of the video itself that could be contributing to its lackluster results.

Here are 3 ways you can make your videos more engaging.


Add graphics to increase comprehension.

Being able to effectively orchestrate how viewers digest your message is important. Textual graphics are a great way to keep your audience interested while highlighting important elements of your message like stats and key phrases or concepts you’d like them to pay special attention to.

The enemy of quality content is confusion. Using graphics will help your viewers understand your message better when they can see these elements interactively pop up on their screen versus watching you talk about them. Not only will these transitions look fluent and natural, but they will keep your audience engaged and in tune with your message.

Add B-roll footage to drive the story forward.

While we love seeing you talk about your business, that’s not the only thing your viewers want to see. That’s where B-roll footage comes in.

But wait, what in the flying flip is B-roll footage!?

In fancy film terms, B-roll footage is supplemental or alternative footage that intercuts with the main shot. However, in simple terms, B-roll footage consists of all the shots in a video that ARE NOT the main interview shot, but relate into what that interviewee is saying. Make sense?

So let’s say you’re a local coffeeshop owner. While the main shot will be of you talking about your business, you’d also want to cut to another shot of a barista serving happy customers in your shop.

Incorporating additional B-roll footage gives your audience an example of what your talking about. So, whether that is hands typing on a keyboard or individuals shopping at a farmers market, your viewers will comprehend your message better when they can see it rather than just hear about it.

Not to mention, having a mix of creative shots throughout your video make it MUCH more interesting to watch.

Craft a strong call-to-action

What do you want your viewers to do immediately after they watch your video?

Having a strong call-to-action will guide your viewers towards taking that next step to do business with you. Whether you want them to schedule a consultation or sign up for your email list it’s important to empower your audience to take action. Otherwise they won’t.

And we’re not saying you need to channel the attitude of a used car salesman. Please DO NOT channel the same attitude as a used car salesman. But, you need to be direct, confident, and purposeful about your call-to-actions.

You can do it in a way that’s authentic, but still powerful.

Video is an incredibly effective way to engage your audience. So don’t skimp on the process. Use these three tips and your viewers alert and entertained.

Want to find a better way to market your business and feed your bottom line?

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